City Farm Programs

City Farm transforms fallow, vacant city land into fertile, productive farmland. We integrate education, land reuse, local investment and jobs, community beautification and healthier agriculture and eating. Our method is successful, it is replicable and it is sustainable.

The benefits are tangible: Instead of an acre of crumbling cement and overgrown weeds we create a viable farm that produces 20,000 pounds of heirloom tomatoes, arugula, beets, carrots, kale, collards, herbs and more per acre. And jobs, we create 3-4 full-time jobs per acre and seasonal work as well.

The benefits are environmental: We pursue full-cycle chemical-free farming, from food scrap composting to small plot intensive production all the while adding beauty, hope and value to the neighborhood. With every parcel of land we farm, we seal ‘old’ Chicago off, and grow in our own fertile compost. It is an efficient, cost-effective way, that allows us to be productive and portable. When land we currently farm becomes valuable for other purposes, we can transport all of our growing material: compost, hoop houses, chicken coop and beehives, to the next location.

Urban Farming


City Farm establishes farms using available land, creates compost from food waste and other by-products of our urban environment, and sells organically-produced vegetables at farm stands, farmers markets, through CSAs and to restaurants.

Urban agriculture can be one of the best anchors for community redevelopment. We are actively looking for opportunities to expand. Our ideal parcel is one acre or larger, available for at least 3-5 years.

Food-to-Farm Composting


City Farm’s Food-to-Farm service picks up food scraps from restaurants and other institutions and turns them into the essential ingredient to successful farming: compost. Without the proper nutritious growing material, no urban farm can be successful.

Chicago generates over 2,000 tons of food waste every day. The creation and use of nutrient-rich compost not only insures the supply of the basic building block of an organic practices farming system but it also insures the conservative use of water.

Table-to-Farm Composting
Now your household can participate in our program. Click here to read more about our Table-to-Farm compost service now available through the Logan Square Farmer’s Market. Email questions to

Food Rescue

As Americans we throw out tons of consumable food every day, nutritious food that goes directly to landfills, passing by people who could benefit. Food Rescue alters this path.

We provide a direct link from restaurants, grocers and markets to shelters and food pantries that can make sure good food gets put on plates in front of hungry people. We currently supply fresh food for 40,000 meals per month.

Other City Farm Programs

Firewood Sales
We sell sustainable oak to restaurants. Email us for more information about delivery and pricing.

Community Garden Consulting
We can help your group get set for a productive season. We work with organizations, schools, hospitals and individuals to structure crop planning, compost practices and more.