Your contribution directly funds the work we do. City Farm relies on donations to continue our vital work. Your support helps create healthier communities and enables us to donate food to organizations and families in need, educate youth and adults about farming, and put to good use abandoned and vacant lots throughout the Chicago.

Support Us

City Farm is growing. Like the rest of the Resource Center, City Farm strives to be self-supporting but we will need capital to double the size of our operations. Help seed the expansion by contributing to our Seed Fund. We will need funds to prepare more acres of farmland. We will need fencing, additional compost, wood chips and clay (to create an impermeable layer at new sites).

For your investment we will:

  • Provide local produce at reasonable prices.
  • Create jobs.
  • Provide education.
  • Help beautify and revitalize neighborhoods.
  • Build community.

That’s a good return; a return that has roots and will grow with your help. Support our efforts to produce positive change, change that touches all our senses and improves the city we live in.

When you contribute we will send you exclusive City Farm Seed Quarters and our thanks. These quarters are embedded with salad green seeds. Just cover with soil, water, and grow with us.